Tire Shredding Tuesdays: 2013 SRT Viper lights up some drag radials

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2013 viper burnout 600

A new video has hit the web showing a 2013 SRT Viper tearing up the quarter mile and while the resulting elapsed time is impressive – today we are looking at how nicely the new Viper absolutely destroys the tires in the burnout box.

In most of our Tire Shredding Tuesdays features, we look at all sorts of different vehicles just doing big, nasty burnouts but this week, this 2013 Viper burnout is more about quality than quantity.  Most of our burnout videos are showcasing vehicles that are specifically trying to do a huge burnout for no other reason than because – well – burnouts are awesome.  On the other hand, this Viper drag racing video shows a 2013 SRT “base” Viper cleaning off the tires before a quarter mile pass so the burnout portion is excessive…but its still pretty incredible.  Making this quick, smokey burnout even more impressive is the fact that this Viper is wearing a set of Mickey Thomposon drag radial tires as opposed to some of the junkyard dry rotted skins that are generally used to make a crazy burnout video.  Even with tires designed specifically to grip in a hurry – the Viper puts a serious smoldering to them.

We should also point out that after doing the healthy burnout, this 2013 SRT Viper tore down the quarter mile with a time of 11.1 seconds and a trap speed of 127.8 miles per hour.  All of this is done with a test driver who has limited seat time in the new Viper so while that 11.1 second ET is really impressive – there is likely a whole lot left in the tank, so to speak.  Once some of the new Viper owners start getting some experience getting down the quarter mile, I totally expect to see 10 second quarter mile times with nothing more than a good set of tires.  On the other hand, this video makes it very clear that with a crappy set of tires – the new Viper could probably make enough smoke to block out the sun over several states.


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