Tire Shredding Tuesdays: 2g Ram Shreds One Tire in Fantastic Fashion

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tst 2g ram pegleg 600

While many people like to poke fun at “peg leg” trucks – that is, pickups that don’t have a Sure Grip rear differential to spin both rear wheels – this week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday feature takes a look at a 2nd generation Dodge Ram doing an awesome single-wheel burnout.  Granted, the burnout competition in which this truck is competing appears to be a bit on the jenky side, with people literally all over the place as this Ram decimates the tire but that just shows how much people love watching someone do a big, smokey burnout.

This 2 minute long video depicting a peg-leg 2g Dodge Ram destroying the right rear tire is a symphony of burnout awesomeness with the roar of a V8, the screech of the tire and the evitable explosion as the right rear tire gives out after two full minutes of smoldering abuse.  Even though this Ram is only spinning one wheel, this is a fantastic burnout that produces a tremendous amount and the fact that it literally shredded the right rear tire makes this video a fitting feature piece for our Tire Shredding Tuesday feature.


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