Cool Thread of the Day: Dodge Neon Owners Mileage Thread

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The Dodge Neon was introduced for the 1995 model year production lasted for 10 years before the popular compact was axed in 2005.  With these cars flooding the used car market and quickly becoming a favorite of a car shopper looking for something inexpensive, efficient and reliable, many potential buyers find themselves looking at Neons with very high mileage.  That high mileage leads many shoppers to wonder just how long they can expect their new-to-them Dodge, Chrysler or Plymouth Neon to last after buying it.

Fortunately, our Dodge Neon section has a long thread where members have posted the number of miles on his or her odometer.  Many of the members who own a Neon and have posted their mileage have also offered up any major problems or repairs that they have had to deal with over the course of those miles.  Many of the members who have posted in this thread have boasted of having comfortably reached and exceeded the 100,000 mile mark without any real problems while other owners have driven their Neons to 200,000 miles and beyond.  There are also several owners who have eclipsed the 300,000 mile mark – speaking volumes of the reliability of these spunky little compact sedans and coupes.

So if you are in the market for a Neon and you want to see what kind of mileage real world owners have reached and what kind of problems they have encountered along the way – click here!

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