Tire Shredding Tuesdays: A wife’s first burnout in the Durango

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tst wife durango burnout 600

Everyone who enjoys doing burnouts started with a first burnout and there is a good chance that most of us who enjoy toasting the tires didn’t do it as well as the woman piloting the first generation Dodge Durango shown smoldering the tires in the video below.

Now, there are a few factors at work here that helped to make the wife of the owner of this Dodge Durango so successful in her first burnout attempt. First, she has someone standing next to the vehicle coaching her.  Second, she has a set of rear tires that are very clearly smaller than stock and that helps to increase the effective gearing ratio thus making it easier to do a big smokey burnout. Finally, as she roars away from the camera, this Durango doesn’t sound like it is stock so in addition to the tiny tires – there may be some other drivetrain modifications made to allow this curvy Dodge SUV to roast the rear tires. I should also point out that this Durango may be doing a peg leg burnout (only spinning one rear tire) but it is hard to tell from the video and even if only one tire is spinning – it is creating a hell of a lot of smoke in the process.

All factors aside, this is an incredible burnout for anyone, let alone someone who is doing her first burnout. There is no doubt that this burnout made the husband who is taping the attempt very proud.

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