Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Durango Cheats – but Spins All Four

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durango spins all 4 600

When you first watch this video, you might not notice right away how this first gen Dodge Durango is “cheating” while smoking all four tires – but as the camera pans back past the rear of the SUV, you can see that what appears as first to be a parking lot line is actually a tow strap holding the Durango in place.

I can’t tell what this Durango is anchored down to in order to do a big smokey burnout (some of the comments believe that it is hooked to a bush but I don’t think that is the case) and while this is cheating by most definitions…it is still a pretty impressive burnout for a four wheel drive SUV riding on some big, gaudy chrome rims.  Realistically, it would take some serious power adders for this four wheel drive Durango to do a burnout of this magnitude so for those 4WD SUV owners who want to get in on the tire shredding fun, tying the vehicle down seems to be as good a way as any.

In the long run, Ive seen worst examples of a burnout including vehicles nosing up to a concrete barrier so tying the Durango to something really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me and in the end – there is no such thing as a BAD smokey burnout.    Kudos to this dude for figuring out how to roast all four tires in his Durango.


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