Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Watch a Supercharged Ram SRT10 tear up the Nürburgring

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There is no race track in the world that is more well known by all sorts of go-fast enthusiasts than the Nurburgring in Germany and for this week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature – we look at a supercharged Dodge Ram SRT10 as it tackles the famed German road course.  Judging by the sound in the video which includes shifting, I would guess that this blown SRT10 is a regular cab model with a 6-speed manual transmission but little else is known about this truck.

For those folks reading this who are somehow not familiar with the Nurburgring, it is a 12.7 mile course that offers pretty much every type of performance situation from slower, tight turns to higher speed turns to one of the longest straightaways in the world.  “The Ring” has become the global benchmark for performance vehicles and when you consider the fact that the regular car SRT10 Ram is one of the best performing trucks ever sold anywhere in the world – and how gently it has to be eased through some of the more intricate portions of the track – it is clear just how tough this track can be on a vehicle.

This video footage of the Dodge Ram SRT10 touring the Nurburgring was captured during a public track day so during the course of the run (which technically begins around the 1:42 mark), we see a great many high performance cars from the likes of Ferrari, BMW and Porsche.  This is a long video but for those who want a great look at what it is like to ride The Ring in the fastest American pickup ever built – this is a great video.  Also, while we see plenty of supercars pass the Ram, we do get to see the SRT10 Ram slip past some Porsche and BMW models through the turns later in the lap.

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