Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Epic Dodge Neon SRT4 burnout in competition

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srt4 epic burnout still 600

If you are going to do a big nasty burnout, the safe confines of a burnout competition is the best place to do it. In this week’s Tire Shredding Tuesdays feature video – this Dodge Neon SRT4 is putting on one hell of a show in a burnout competition.

We don’t know much about the black Dodge Neon SRT4 destroying its tires in the video below but we do know that this SRT4 is fitted with a stock turbocharger that helps the compact Dodge sedan make 300 horsepower and 325lb-ft of torque at the wheels.  All of that TURBO POWA equates to a Neon that does one fantastic burnout… and I would bet that it can move down the road pretty quickly too.

In the course of a 28 second burnout, this SRT4 destroyed a set of brand new (probably not the best choice) Toyo T1R tires and in exchange for his tire shredding efforts, he took home the title for the burnout competition against all other competitors.  This video really serves as a stark reminder of just why the Neon SRT4 was so awesome and why so many Mopar enthusiasts want to see more of that greatness in the new Dodge Dart SRT4. Enjoy!

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