Truckin’ Fast: 2g Diesel Ram Crushes Old School Buick Muscle Car

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ram beats skylark 600

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday clip has a 2nd gen Dodge Ram 2500 powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine racing on the quarter mile against what looks to me to be a 1970 Buick Skylark. The Skylark was Buick’s muscle car, being mechanically similar to the Pontiac LeMans and the Oldsmobile Cutlass, but this classic GM muscle car doesn’t have the gusto to keep up with this obviously modified 2g Ram. The Buick pulls a slight hole shot but it doesn’t take more than about 50 feet for the Ram to leave the old GM muscle car in a cloud of thick, black diesel smoke. It should be noted that the Buick probably isnt a diesel…it just smokes – a lot.

Anyways, as the race goes on, the Cummins Ram slowly walks away from the big Buick and when the two cross the line, the Ram runs a 12.38 at 110 miles per hour while the Skylark runs what looks like a 14.5-something at 96 miles per hour. 12.38 doesn’t make this Ram the fastest by a long shot, but it was Truckin Fast enough to smoke the old Buick.

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