Truckin Fast: Meet the Fastest NA 4th Gen Ram 1500

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quickest NA hemi 4th gen ram

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday features a 4th gen regular cab short bed Ram 1500 packing the 5.7L Hemi that is – according to the video – the fastest naturally aspirated 4th gen Ram in the country. This video was posted back in January so even if it was the fastest (technically the quickest if that claim is based on quarter mile times) back then, it might not be the top dog today. However, with a quarter mile time of 12.801 at 103.63 miles per hour, it still has to be among the quickest naturally aspirated Ram 1500 in the country.

In addition to the video showing this 4th gen Hemi Ram running well into the 12s, the video includes a mod list that includes an electric cooling fan, long tube headers, a cold air intake, true dual exhaust with no cats and electric cutouts, a Hemifever tune, 4.56 gears and 28 inch drag radial tires. The result is a RCSB Ram 1500 that is able to outrun a stock Mustang GT or Camaro SS on the drag strip while still preserving all of the trucking abilities that you would expect from a modern Ram.

This Ram 1500 sounds great as well so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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