Truckin Fast Wednesday: Blown 2g Dakota Takes On 1964 Ford Thunderbird

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supercharged dakota takes on vintage ford drag car 600

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature takes a look at what appears to be a 2nd generation Dodge Dakota R/T drag racing against a 1964 Ford Thunderbolt.  The Thunderbolt is a purpose built vintage style race car complete with a lifted front end to make room for the straight front axle while the Dakota is said to be supercharged.  There are no details on either of the vehicles but based on what sounds to me like the whine of a blower right before the two vehicles launch – I would guess that this Dakota is packing a supercharged 5.9L V8 Magnum while the Thunderbolt is likely powered by a 427 cubic inch big block V8.

I have to warn you all that he drag racing action between this blown Dakota and the vintage Ford Thunderbolt is pretty jenky.  There is no Christmas tree and the vehicles leave on an old school arm drop and as they progress down the track you can see that there are no timing boards or win light…there aren’t even walls on the outer edges of the track.  The absence of a win light makes it hard to tell who wins but it looks as though the starting line advantage allowed the Dakota to get to the finish line first – wherever it might be.


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