Cool Thread of the Day: The Most Complete Dodge Caliber Trouble Code List Ever

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2009 dodge caliber 600

Do you have a Dodge Caliber with a check engine light?  Maybe you have been experiencing some sound system problems or maybe an airbag light?  Regardless of what type of problem you have encountered with your 5-door Dodge hatchback, our Caliber section has a thread with the applicable trouble code.  This thread, which was put together by DodgeForum moderator lxman1, contains a list of each different area of the Dodge Caliber which can create a trouble code including the sound system, the passenger restraint system, the climate control, the ABS system, the powertrain control unit the transmission control unit and much, much more.

While this thread technically applies to the 2010 Dodge Caliber, the vast majority of the codes in this long thread apply to all modern Chrysler Group vehicles so even if you don’t own a Caliber – this thread could help you when your Dodge, Ram, Jeep or Chrysler vehicle runs into a problem within the diagnostic code system.

Click here to check out the length list of Dodge Caliber trouble codes!

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