Truckin Fast Wednesdays: 1977 Dodge Ram Drag Truck Packs Indy Power

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77 dodge drag truck 600

This week our Truckin Fast Wednesday takes a look at a serious 1977 Dodge Ram D150 drag truck and while we sadly don’t get to see this beast in action, this video offers a great look via a walk around that also offers us a look under the hood of this classic Ram.  The brief description explains that the video was captured when the truck was being taken out of storage and as the video begins, the cameraman walks around the back end of the truck and along the side where he then heads under the hood to show us the massive Mopar big block packing high performance Indy Cylinder Heads.  Based on what little we can see, this looks to be a pretty serious race truck so although we don’t get to see it roar down the quarter mile, it is clear that this is one Truckin Fast Ram.

In addition to giving us a great look at this badass Dodge Ram drag truck, this clip provides a great sound track of the Indy Cylinder Head-topped Mopar big block V8 idling and being revved a few times when the camera moves under the hood.  In other words…crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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