Truckin Fast Wednesdays: 2009 Ram 1500 R/T RCSB Runs 13s Stock

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09 ram rt rcsb quarter mile 600

The vast majority of the Dodge Ram trucks that we feature on Truckin Fast Wednesdays are heavily modified pickups that are built to go fast with quarter miles times dipping as low as the 8 second range.  This week, we look at a 2009 Hemi Ram R/T running in the high 13s which doesn’t seem so fast in the grand scheme of things but what is impressive is that this truck is stock – or so the owner claims.

Now, I would like to give the owner of this truck that benefit of the doubt that this 2009 Ram R/T RCSB (regular cab, short bed) is stock shy of the 2/4 suspension drop but 13.77 is pretty damn quick for a stock Ram R/T.  I hunted around the internet a bit and found comparable quarter mile times for comparable trucks and all of them have at least a few minor modifications – the most substantial of which is a tune of some sort.  An PCM tune is something that makes a big difference and cannot be seen by even the most significant look-over and based on the result by other trucks on the track, I believe that this truck is tuned and stock other than that.

Regardless of whether or not this 2009 Ram R/T is tuned, a time of 13.77 in the quarter mile is mighty quick for a truck with no visible modifications so it seemed a fitting vehicle to feature on this Truckin Fast Wednesday.  Do you think that this truck is truly bone stock?  Tell us in the comments below!


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