Truckin Fast Wednesdays: 2g Dakota tears up the 8th mile

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tfw 6 second 8th dakota 600

There are arguably few pickup trucks that look more natural as a drag race vehicle than the 2nd generation Dodge Dakota and the Dak featured in this week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays video is about as good as it gets. We don’t know a whole lot about this Dakota shy of the fact that it is powered by a 470 cubic inch stroker motor (thanks to one of the comments by the person who posted the video).

As the video begins, we can see that this is not your ordinary Dodge Dakota thanks to the aggressive stance, the cowl induction style hood, the huge tires tucked under the rear end and the roll cage extending out across the bed. Once this Dakota begins cleaning off the tires in the burnout box – it is clear that this is one nasty fast Dodge pickup.

This is a bracket race with the Dakota dialing 6.16 and the 3rd generation Camaro in the left lane dialed in at 7.22 so the Camaro gets a head start of over a second but as the video ends, we can see the win light go to the Dakota as it runs down the slower GM muscle car.  For those of you who are not familiar with how 8th mile ETs relate to quarter mile times, 6.16 in the 8th would put this Dakota in the mid 9 second range – and that’s truckin’ fast.

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