Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Dakota RT Runs Deep 12s

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tfw 12 sec dakota 600

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature takes a look at a second generation Dodge Dakota R/T regular cab/short bed pickup ripping down the quarter mile.  While our Truckin Fast features often show trucks running quicker than the red Dakota R/T shown in action here, this truck appears to be quite the sleeper with the exception of the rear wheels and tires whereas many of our featured trucks are obviously built to spend more time on the drag strip than on the road.

There arent any details provided about the truck by the author but the folks discussing the video in the comments indicate that this Dodge Dakota R/T is powered by a built Magnum 360 – although we don’t know what work has been done.  However, it is clear from the fact that this truck rips out of the hole and runs a 12.26 at 112 miles per hour that there have been fairly significant modifications made to this 2nd gen Dakota.  From the monster burnout prior to the run to the super hard launch to the fact that the red R/T in the near lane beat the truck in the far lane so badly that it wasn’t in frame at the end of the video – this video is a great example of why the RCSB Dakota R/T was so popular with the go-fast crowd.

This video has great audio as well so make sure to crank up your speakers so that you can hear this Dakota R/T scream as it rockets down the quarter mile!

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