Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays: Ramcharger Tickles the 12s

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ramcharger tfw burnout 600

A few months back we featured a video of a Ramcharger beating up a Nissan 350Z on the quarter mile and I have found another video of that same Ramcharger – this time nearly running in the 12s.  This video was posted by a different YouTube user than the clip of this brawny Dodge SUV beating up the Z and as was the case last time, there is no available information on what makes this Ramcharger so quick.  However, it is clear that something has changed as the awesome two tone Ramcharger in this video has gone from running high 13s to 13.0s since we last saw it in action.

In this week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday feature video, the quick Ramcharger is bracket racing against a 90s Chevy cop car.  The Ramcharger has dialed 13.23 to the Caprice’s 12.35 so the full sized Dodge SUV gets almost a full second head start but when the Chevy red lights (you can see the win lights are on for the Ramcharger before his time shows up – indicating that he won before crossing the line), the Ramcharger gets a free wide open run.  He technically breaks out, running a 13.08 on the 13.23 dial but the red light start by the Chevy allowed this RC to get the free pass to the next round.

Regardless of who won the bracket race, this Dodge Ramcharger is a big heavy vehicle to be running so close to the 12 second range and that is pretty impressive – and pretty truckin’ fast.


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