Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays: Ramcharger knocks out Nissan 350z

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For this week’s Trucking Fast Wednesdays feature, I present you with a video of a Dodge Ramcharger racing against a Nissan 350z coupe.  There are no details provided with the video below but we can tell that this race takes place at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown New Jersey.   From what I can see, this looks like a mid to late 80s Ramcharger based on the grille and based on the ride height, I would guess that this is a 4WD model.  Also, I can tell that this is a V8 (not a diesel) powering the Ramcharger in the video beating the Nissan 350z.

When the camera shows the timing boards at the end of the track, both boards have ET numbers on the bottom line that lead me to believe that the Ramcharger and 350z are bracket racing.  The Ramcharger appears to have dialed 13.60 while the Nissan dialed 13.30.  Both vehicles ran well off their dial-ins with the Ramcharger going 14.09 to the Z’s 13.85 but when the winner’s lights on both side of the timing board lit up – the Ramcharger took the win.

This video makes me miss my old 1983 Ramcharger.  It was one of the best vehicles that I’ve ever owned and I know that other Ramcharger owners have had similar feelings for their own short wheel base Dodge SUV.  While 14.09 isn’t a smoking fast quarter mile, this truck has to be far from stock to get down around the 13 second range – making for one truckin’ fast Ramcharger.


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