Watch this 440 powered Dodge Ram D50 tear through the mud

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ram d50 mud 600

While our Muddy Monday feature will almost always feature the full sized Ram pickup, this week we take a look at the rare Dodge Ram D50 tearing through the mud with a hefty dose of Mopar muscle.

The odds are good that many younger DF’ers don’t even know what a Dodge Ram D50 while our older members may recognize this Mitsubishi-built compact pickup from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.  While the D50 came with a fairly uninspiring 4-cylinder engine that would hardly get it through deep water let along thick mud – this particular D50 is powered by a 446 cubic inch Mopar big block V8.  Thanks to a host of other modifications which include a massive lift kit, a pair of off-brand differentials and a long list of engine mods, this is one unquestionably one of the nastiest off-roading D50 pickups that I have ever seen and oddly…Ive seen quite a few.

So, crank up your speakers and enjoy watching this 1982 Dodge Ram D50 in action!


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