Two Teasers of the Ram Concept Truck Debuting at the Woodward Dream Cruise

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ram rumble bee concept front

The Chrysler Group announced earlier this week that they would be debuting a new Ram brand Concept vehicle at the upcoming 2013 Woodward Dream Cruise and thanks to the first few teaser images that were issued last night – we can guess that this concept offers a first look at the next generation Ram 1500 Rumble Bee.  So far, there are only two images of the mystery truck but the combination of the artwork around the front end shot shown above and the obvious clues on the interior shot shown below leave no question that this is the new Rumble Bee Ram 1500.

The first teaser image of the Ram Concept Truck that is set to debut on Saturday at the Woodward Dream Cruise shows the front end of what looks a great deal like a bright yellow Ram 1500 R/T – possibly with some unique wheels and a bunch of black trim.  When you add in the fact that there is honeycomb along the left side of the artwork with what looks to be the mouth of the familiar Rumble Bee logo, there is little question in my mind that this concept is the new Rumble Bee.

ram rumble bee concept console

Driving home the reality that Saturday will introduce the Woodward Dream Cruise crowd to the next generation Ram 1500 Rumble Bee (at least in concept form) is the image showing the shift knob and a unique set of buttons as shown below.  The normal shift knob of the Ram 1500 has been modified to include a gold honeycomb with a bee on it while the two buttons below have artwork showing a human ear with sound waves around them and the word “rumble” above.  This suggests that this Rumble Bee Concept will have some sort of system that increases the exhaust tone of the truck which could either be a “cutout” system that essentially turns the truck into a vehicle with open exhaust or it could have a driver controllable dual mode exhaust system.

Once again, the new Ram Concept truck shown here will make its debut this Saturday at the Woodward Dream Cruise and those of you who cannot make it to the show can expect to find unique images and full information here on DodgeForum!

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