Viper Defender from the Viper TV Show pops up on ebay

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The odds are good that if you are a devout Mopar fan who is at least 30 years old, you remember the incredible VIPER television show from the mid to late 1990s. The program featured a hero car role filled by (of course) a production trim Dodge Viper that had the capability to transform into the near indestructible Viper Defender. That hard topped one of a kind grey Viper has recently surfaced on ebay – giving Mopar and show enthusiasts a chance to buy the one and only Defender model built but it failed to sell even with a bid of $174,100.

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There were originally 14 examples of the Viper Defender built for the show but this vehicle, which spent some time on the high profile collector’s car auction tour before popping up on ebay, is believed to be the only Defender remaining from those original 14. This car is built on the chassis of a 1993 Dodge Viper RT/10 but handmade body panels and a custom interior were added to transform the standard Viper into the bulletproof Defender war machine used to foil bad guys on the Viper TV show.  Unfortunately, the standard 8.0L V10 engine was removed from the Viper during its transformation, but the 390 horsepower V8 engine likely allows this fully customized Viper to move down the road just fine.

viper defender interior

The bad news is that the ebay auction for the Viper Defender has ended but the good news is that the highest bid did not meet the reserve price – so if you have at least a quarter million dollars laying around there is a still a chance that you could own this piece of TV and Mopar history. Unfortunately, even a quarter mil might not be enough to score the Viper Defender as this car received a bid of $270,000 in 2010 also failing to meet the seller’s reserve price.

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