Viper TA Beats ZR1’s Lap Time at Laguna Seca

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If there’s one thing you can say about Dodge, it’s that they never back down from a fight. Definitely not against GM. A few months back, Motor Trend took the ZR1 Corvette to Laguna Seca and knocked the old Viper ACR from the top of the Laguna Seca lap time leaderboard. SRT boss Ralph Gilles was not happy.

Well, the Viper is back. According to MotorTrend, production of the Viper GA was fast-traced by Ralph after it’s defeat by ZR1. Almost a year later, the new Viper is ready to go. There’ve been a few changes since then. Besides being built on a new chassis, the Viper TA has been built for the purpose of track duty. It has suspension with two settings: smooth and rough. No street setting. It’s street-legal, but it’s also a car that’s intended for track driving. Other hardware changes include brake rotors that are twice as thick, a carbon fiber cross-brace, and incredibly bright orange paint.

Find out if the Viper can reclaim it’s top spot below.

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