Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Dodge Charger burnout compilation

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What better way to kick off our new “Tire Shredding Tuesdays” than with a compilation album of different Dodge Chargers doing massive, smokey burnouts.  Included in this two and a half minute video is an earlier LX Charger sedan cop car, a couple SRT8 models, a blurry clip of a newer Charger that is so quiet that I have to think that it is packing Pentastar power, some low quality drifting, the Mopar 11 Charger and even an early 1970s Australian Charger doing a gigantic burnout on a flatbed.

The image at the top of this piece shows the Mopar 11 in action and while I did not take the video, I was present when this burnout took place and I took plenty of pictures.  It was at the Mopar Headquarters in Centerline Michigan at the media debut of the new Charger based Mopar 11.  They rolled the car outside for pictures so I asked if we could get a big smokey burnout.  I asked in jest, thinking that I would immediately be shot down but after the Mopat team checked with the local fire marshal (who happened to be in attendance), they got the green light and laid some nasty strips in the back parking lot.  It goes to show that you can never go wrong in suggesting a burnout – you never know when it might pan out!

Anyways, crank up your speakers and enjoy the video below of various Dodge Chargers doing burnouts for Tire Shredding Tuesday!

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