Watch as Travis Pastrana meets, hoons his 2013 Dodge Dart rally car

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travis wrecked dart screenshot.jpgTravis Pastrana has made two attempts this year at the
Global Rally Cross world with his Red Bull sponsored 2013 Dodge Dart rally car
and while things could have certainly gone better – there have been good signs
along the way.  Pastrana showed that the
Dart is more than competitive with the likes of the Ford Fiesta and Subaru WRX
that dominate the GRC program and recently, the Red Bull YouTube channel
offered up a video shot the day that Travis met the new Dart rally car for the
first time.

The 7 minute video below walks us through a day in the life
of Travis Pastrana – a day in which he got his first look and his first seat
time in the 2013 Dodge Dart rally car. 
We have seen the videos of Pastrana and the Red Bull Racing Dart rally
car tearing around the Chelsea Proving Grounds but this new, 8 minute video
offers a look at some unique angles – including outtakes and behind-the-scenes
clips from the day that Pastrana took the lid off of the awesome new Mopar
rally car.

So crank up your speakers, sit back and enjoy the video of
Travis Pastrana meeting his Dart rally car. 
If you are more interested in the actual moving shots of the car, that
footage begins about four and a half minutes into the video.

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