Wax On, Wax Off: A Review of Armor All Extreme Shield

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Waxed Before Driving

Unlike traditional waxes, Armor All Extreme Shield Wax is intended to not just make the vehicle look great now–but also prevent dirt, dust, bird crap and other airborne filth (along with water spots) from accumulating on the paint.

The subject of my test was my 2006 Ram 1500 Quad Cab–which is kept well waxed–and this product seemed ideal for helping to keep the truck looking great between detailing sessions. I began by washing and drying the truck. Then I applied the Armor All Extreme Shield Wax to the truck in small sections, with the supplied applicator and removing with the included microfiber cloth.  Unlike traditional wax that requires time to “set, ” the Extreme Shield Wax is simply applied and then wiped off–there’s no waiting for it to haze or fighting to remove over-dried wax, as with other products.  It’s incredibly easy to apply and requires very little elbow grease.

Waxed Tailgate Before Driving

But the real test comes after the Armor All Extreme Shield Wax has been applied and the truck has been driven. My wife and own a couple horses, and just being parked at the stables makes the truck dusty in a hurry.  However, after a weekend of driving the truck with the Extreme Shield on the paint, the truck still looks great.  This is best illustrated across the back end of the truck where dust and road dirt have accumulated on the rear bumper ( visible in the pictures below), while the body stayed clean and dust free.  Notice how shiny both the paint and bumper are in the first two pictures, with the Armor All Extreme Shield Wax freshly applied and notice that in the second group of pictures, the paint is still spotless while the bumper (which has nothing protecting it) is dusty and less shiny.

Waxed After Driving

Waxed After Driving Tailgate


Also, after a hard rain one night, all of my well waxed vehicles saw the water beading off, but once the sun came back out, my 2006 Ram with the Extreme Shield Wax did not bear the signs of water spots while the vehicles not protected by the Extreme Shield had spots on areas where the rain water came to rest.

For someone who keeps their vehicle clean and well waxed, Armor All Extreme Shield Wax is a great product for keeping the car or truck looking great between detailing sessions. 

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