The World’s Quickest Hellcat Sets the Bar at 8.71

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The Epling Garage 007 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat recently ran an 8.71 quarter mile, resetting the record for the quickest Hellcat car in the world.

The “007” Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat campaigned by the father-and-son Epling Garage team has spent the past year or so claiming and reclaiming the title of the world’s quickest Hellcat car in a quarter mile run. This was the first Hellcat car to run in the 8s and as the air has gotten better with cooler temperatures, Leon and Jason Epling just keep on going faster.

Epling Hellcat Starting Line

The videos shown here come from the YouTube channel of Logan Epling, son of Jason and grandson of Leon, and they show the 007 Dodge Challenger making a handful of 8-second runs. The video at the top of this piece shows at actual record run, while the other videos show some other 8-second runs. Each of these quarter mile times would have been the world record for the quickest Hellcat quarter mile, but the 8.71 is the best of the best.

The Elping Hellcat

If you arent familiar with the Elping Garage 007 Hellcat Challenger, here is a quick rundown of the surprisingly short mod list.

The Hemi has not been opened up, so all of the actual engine components are stock. This car has the stock blower, stock cam, stock heads and stock displacement. It has a smaller pulley, an upgraded fuel system, a hefty nitrous setup and a tune from Tim Barth. Those simple engine mods help make more power, but the heavily modified drivetrain plays a bigger role in getting this Mopar muscle car down the track.

The factory 6-speed transmission has been replaced by a Liberty pro stock manual transmission with a pro-stock style clutch. There is also a beefier driveshaft, an aftermarket rear differential and heavy duty axles, helping send that Hemi horsepower to the 15″ rear wheels and big, fat slicks. This built drivetrain allows the team to launch the supercharged Challenger hard enough to rip the front wheels off of the ground and blast down the track in less than nine seconds.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy these videos of the Epling Challenger setting the Hellcat record!

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