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Default Cable Adjustment

Hi I am trying to adjust my Transmission Throttle cable. Everything says allign the end of the cable to the middle of the throttle stud. My question is, is the end of the wire cable, or the end of the plastic sleeve that attaches to the throttle stud? It seems to be pulled forward with end of the actual cable is too tight. And when I test drove it everything shifted perfectly except 2nd to 3rd, where my original problem was 3rd to 4th. Any help is appreciated.

199 Dodge Durango
V8 5.2 SLT Automatic
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Pictures say a thousand words?

Here is info from the Service Manual:

(1) Turn ignition key to OFF position.
(2) Remove air cleaner.
(3) Verify that throttle body lever is at curb idle
position. Then verify that transmission throttle lever
(Fig. 248) is also at idle (full forward) position.
(4) Slide cable off attachment stud on throttle body
lever (Fig. 248).
(5) Compare position of cable end to attachment
stud on throttle body lever:
(a) Cable end and attachment stud should be
aligned (or centered on one another) to within 1
mm (0.039 in.) in either direction.
(b) If cable end and attachment stud are misaligned
(off center), cable will have to be adjusted
as described in following procedure.
(6) Reconnect cable end to attachment stud. Then
with aid of a helper, observe movement of transmission
throttle lever and lever on throttle body.
(a) If both levers move simultaneously from idle
to half-throttle and back to idle position, adjustment
is correct.
(b) If transmission throttle lever moves ahead of,
or lags behind throttle body lever, cable adjustment

will be necessary. Or, if throttle body lever prevents
transmission lever from returning to closed
position, cable adjustment will be necessary.
(1) Turn ignition switch to OFF position and shift
into Park.
(2) Remove air cleaner.
(3) Disconnect cable end from attachment stud on
throttle body.
Carefully slide cable off stud. Do
not pull or pry cable off.

(4) Verify that transmission throttle lever is in idle
(full forward) position. Then be sure lever on throttle
body is at curb idle position.
(5) Insert a small screwdriver under edge of
retaining clip and remove retaining clip.
(6) Center cable end on attachment stud to within
1 mm (0.039 in.).
(7) Install retaining clip onto cable housing.
(8) Check cable adjustment. Be sure transmission
throttle lever and lever on throttle body move simultaneously
and as described in cable adjustment
checking procedure.
Check adjustment by starting the engine in Park
and Neutral. Adjustment is OK if the engine starts
only in these positions. Adjustment is incorrect if the
engine starts in one but not both positions. If the
engine starts in any position other than Park or Neutral,
or if the engine will not start at all, the park/
neutral position switch may be faulty.
Gearshift Adjustment Procedure
(1) Shift transmission into Park.
(2) Release cable adjuster lock (underneath the
power brake booster) (Fig. 249) to unlock cable.
(3) Raise vehicle.
(4) Slide cable eyelet off transmission shift lever.
(5) Verify transmission shift lever is in Park
detent by moving lever fully rearward. Last rearward
detent is Park position.
(6) Verify positive engagement of transmission
park lock by attempting to rotate propeller shaft.
Shaft will not rotate when park lock is engaged.
(7) Slide cable eyelet onto transmission shift lever.
(8) Lower vehicle and check engine starting.
Engine should start only in Park and Neutral.
(9) Lock shift cable by pressing cable adjuster
clamp down until it snaps into place.
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