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2006 Dakota Multiple lights out

Old 03-02-2017, 04:35 PM
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Default 2006 Dakota Multiple lights out

Really hoping for some help with this one-Originally thought only the passengers tail running light was out, so went through the steps replacing bulb, then connector, then the entire pigtail with no results. Inspected the other lights and realized I also have a front driver side high beam headlight out. Tested headlight bulb and it works in the other headlight so not the bulb. Friendly mechanic traced tail light wire no power said it could be the FCM(front control module) and warned of the sticker price: from the stealerships $1,000! Even online $800 and I really don't want to shell out that much coin if this is not the issue. Can anyone provide some insight or any related issues that were resolved?
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Old 03-07-2017, 09:00 AM
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For the rear-passenger tail light, did you check the fuse? This diagram, for the 2005 model, is showing fuse# 44 for the rear tail lamp...It may or may not be the same number for 2006. There's also a relay shown between the IPM and the fuses, but if the rear-driver side has power, I don't believe the relay could be the issue since it only shows one combined output for both the rear-driver and rear-passenger fuses...Although that split point may be a cause for concern also...

Regarding the driver high beam, the below wiring diagram for 2005 shows a direct, unfused connection between the FCM and the bulb. You may want to check that connector and as much of the wire as you can inspect for power, because otherwise, it may be an FCM issue..

*Edit, did you re-try the high beam in the driver's side after it worked in the passenger side? It may have just developed a bad connection due to corrosion, etc from sitting over the years, and moving it between the connectors may have cleared off the contacts enough to re-establish a good connection.

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