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Won't Start, Help! Check Gauges Light

Old 08-06-2008, 08:26 AM
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Default Won't Start, Help! Check Gauges Light

Hey Guys,

Have an 02 Ram 5.9L. Drove it last Tuesday everything fine. It's been parked for about a week, get into it last night and won't start. Cranks over but never fires up. Seems like it's not getting any gas. I can hear the fuel pump primer up. The Check engine light is on in the access. position and as I'm cranking her over to try and start the engine light was blinking and the Check gauges light came on as well as the ABS light. I've never seen the Check gauges light before. Any idea? I mean, It's a little low on gas, like the line before the E, but I even put about a gallon of gas more in there last night and didn't make a difference.

How can it be running a week ago, park it and now won't start? It's really bazaar.
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Old 08-06-2008, 01:20 PM
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Its probably something simple. Check the solenoid on your starter. Sometimes tho things stick. Meter your battery make sure it has 12v with the truck off. And you can disconnect the line after the pump to ensure that the pump is working correctly. All that right there would take you about 10 minutes. If none of that fixes it then u probably have bigger issues. Or just it to another car really fast. See if it starts then. If so then your battery still could be shot. I know alot of time in summer if u drive around with ur a/c on alot and then park it and dont start it again for awhile then it kills ur battery. And yes 7-8v is enough to get it to make a crank noise but not enough to start it completely. Ive learned that the hard way. Hope that helps man.
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