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Rrt 13-071


Old 12-02-2013, 02:17 PM
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Default Rrt 13-071

I was told today by Uconnect that there is an RRT out for my truck that the dealer never installed.

It would update my 8.4AN to 13.38.52

Does anyone have any specs on what fix(s) or enhancements this RRT does?
I cant get any details on it.
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Old 12-02-2013, 07:18 PM
Pedro Dog
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I gogled "ram RRT 8.4AN to 13.38.52 and the first hit I got has a link to TSB 08-049-13 Rev D dated Oct 8, 2013. Go to this site for a link to the TSB (Techical service bulletin) that has the instructions for performing RRT 13-071. Look at note #7 on page 5. When you click on this link, your computer should offer you an option of downloading or opening the PDF file. Cheers


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Old 12-02-2013, 07:20 PM
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thanks...I just found this a few mins ago.
It didnt fix what I thought my issue is/was - but supposedly its normal, so there isnt any point in worrying...but I did get it updated/flashed. Took about 35mins as they claim.

At least its updated. Thats a lengthy list of fixes too!

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Old 12-03-2013, 12:50 AM
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It does take about 30 to 35 mins. Be lucky its not the N58 that the 2014 Durango's have. That takes 1.5 to 2.0 hours. That recall is to flash the cluster. But there will be recall soon N59 for the Ram trucks.
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Old 12-17-2013, 10:37 AM
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Default Another update?

Today (12/13 actually) I noticed another Uconnect update.

This one will update the 8.4AN to RA4_13_48_3 and the last update I had from October was 13.38.52 .....

Anyone know the changes?
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Old 12-17-2013, 02:22 PM
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DATE: December 13, 2013


A customer may experience, one or more of the following conditions.
**Enables Via Mobile software features when released to consumers**.
**Able to adjust audio balance / fade settings during a VR session**.
**Correct, condition where user could not exit screen off mode**.
**Mute button status was not being displayed correctly**.
**Presets where not shown correctly or were deleted**.
**Enhancements to POI**.
**ParkSense tone continuously on**.
**Enhancement to navigation routing**.
**Radio display may shows “Please insert USB Stick”.
**Enhancement made when video is display in radio when using PAL format video disks**.
**Corrected the temperature slider bar not updating on Manual Temperature Control vehicles**.
** Navigation may not start or may lose position**.
**Rear camera may show a black screen for 3 seconds upon going to reverse**.
**Enhancements for iPod or iPhone devices that may not start playing after connecting**.
**iPod would not resume playing after a VR session or phone call**.
**Removed the cell signal indicators in the SRT and Apps button on non-US vehicles**.
Radio reset, screen lockup, blank screen or sluggish system response time.
Compass indicator turns off.
Touch screen shut down message.
Radio surround sound will not stay ON.
Driver memory feature causes Sirius XM failure.
Loss of radio presets.
Battery drain - due to radio remains on.
Uconnect apps don't load.
AM/FM popping noises and/or static.
Backup camera display is blank.
Compass direction may be incorrect.
Vehicle's Icon changes on the navigation map.
Loss of vehicle position on NAV map.
“Vehicle Phone Requires Service” message appears on 8.4” screen.
Nav turn-by-turn enhancements.
Nav map guidance enhancements.
Nav text overlaps in detour menu.
Nav map, vehicle location enhancements in areas with low GPS signals.
Navigation shows vehicle in San Antonio, TX.
Screen only displays startup Logo.
Screen Half Black Half White after update.
Radio locked up after attempting to update with a corrupted or incorrect USB update stick.
Phone/Navigation Overlay Screen Freeze (WK only).
Heated seat controls through radio do not function/display correctly during startup.
Speed controlled volume not functioning correctly.
Steering Wheel Control operation corrected at startup.
Tuner mutes on startup.
HD now defaults to 'OFF' for reduced complaints about 'channel switching'
“LO” temps displayed upon each vehicle start.
HMI Lock up in SXM mode after ignition cycle.
Voice Recognition (VR) enhancements.
Point of interest screen locks up.
Error message when plugging in iPod.
Balance/fade setting changes after ignition cycle.
Clock enhancements.
Phone book enhancements.
Rear climate control display frozen.
Translation enhancements.
Erratic pop ups in HMI.
Added Teleprompter.
Blue tooth, phone, iPod, auto streaming, connecting/disconnecting enhancements.
Phone quality and pairing enhancements.
Audio control locked after using VR feature.
Travel link enhancements.

**Navigation Lockout Disable while vehicle is in motion for (European markets
Turn by Turn navigation in the cluster set to ON by default.
Postal code navigation search for European markets onlyv.
Transfer button does not pick-up and transfer incoming call.
Voice Recognition (VR) says 'cancel' when starting (App) applications.
Some Russian letters are caps when they should be lower-case.
Touch screen locks up in navigation, when Russian is selected.
Address search availably when the vehicle is moving (European market).
VR messages in Spanish talks to fast.
Recognition enhancement for Russian VR.
Hands free audio too low for non-amp vehicle (KL.
Intermittently “Registration expired” pop-up appears on display screen.
Arabic language for navigation only, not the keyboard (RJ3 RJ4 radio only.
Incorrect time to destination, when ignition is cycled.
Volume adjustment for navigation prompts, for phone call.
Incorrect rear to center fade displayed at start up.
Translation enhancements for French German and Spanish.
Right arrow doesn't work for advancing through preset.
Map zoom level reduced.
Park sense audio tone stuck on.
While in rear media the browser **** is disabled.
Varies POI not available for navigation.
Postal code search not working in some markets.
Horn sounds when locked is missing in the settings menu.
-3- 08-049-13 REV. G
Mute button out of sync with mute in the hands free phone.
Enhancements my for hands free phone locking up.
Enhancements to quick search.
Backup camera active guide lines are missing.
Sound horn when locking, missing.
Erratic Interior ambient lamp menu being displayed.
Remove auto entry/exit from menu.
Remove hill start assist from menu, when not available.
Russian keyboard enhancements.
Polish text update.
Black screen intermittently displayed.
VR teleprompter translations.
Splash screen not showing after remote unlock.
Translation enhancement for Spanish, German, French and Russian.
Russian letters are in caps when they should be in lower case.
Parkview/Parksense translations in Russian.
Nav locks up when Russian is selected.
VR Spanish language talks to fast when giving instructions.
Arabic language added to some features (RJ3 RJ4 radios only).
VR enhancements for Russian.
Route guiding enhancements.
HVAC display enhancements.
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