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Hurst Shifter install 2nd Gen Dakota by pitkanen44flyers

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Old 06-30-2008, 11:15 PM
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Default Hurst Shifter install 2nd Gen Dakota by pitkanen44flyers

So I got my first shifter the other day and got it installed so I figured i'd do a write up for anyone interested or anyone thats thinking about getting it. This is on the year that the shifter was made for so if you have a 2001 or newer these instructions won't be spot on and you will need a spacer. So here it goes.Tools Needed:[/b] I'm gonna try and remember what I used. 8mm rachets for all the stock bolts, the bolts that came with the shifter that go back in are 10mm Adjustable wrench to tighten and straighten shift **** Flat head screw driver, random things it helps I used the adjustable for the bolts on the Hurst shifter so i dont know there size I think thats it To start off you have to pop off the little money holder thing at the bottom of the console. I just used a flat head and it pops right off. You will also have to remove the transfer case **** and stock shift **** if you have them still. You use a flat head and pry the middle part out then there is a bolt in the center. This can ruin them so be careful. I had my old t handle on the stock shifter that i put on the t-case handle because i boogered up the stock **** and didnt wanna just throw away my thandle. There are then two 8mm bolts there that you have to take out once you get the money holder out. After that you just have to wiggle with it and it will pop out at the other end. You can see the bolt holes and slit at the top of the console in the pic below. There is a wire connected that you have to unhook so that the console comes the whole way off as you can see laying in the pic below. [/b]Name:  S7300197.jpg
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Size:  163.5 KB Next you have to remove the heat/dust shield that is around the bottom of the stock shifter. (pic below) There are 8-10 8mm bolts there that you have to unscrew then there was some type of glue holding it on so i pryed it off with the flat head. It then just slides off as you can see on the second picture below. Name:  S7300198.jpg
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Size:  165.4 KB Name:  S7300200.jpg
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Size:  166.0 KB As you can see in the pic below as from the pic above i removed some of the fabric stuff that is around the shifter so i didnt get any of it in the tranny when i took off the old shifter. There are then just the 4 8mm bolts that you remove and the stock shifter is out. Name:  S7300203.jpg
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Size:  114.3 KB The picture below is of the top of the tranny once the stock shifter is out. That thing in the center is where the ball on the bottom of the shifter goes. Name:  S7300219a.jpg
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Size:  102.0 KB Below is a picture of the stock shifter and the Hurst shifter side by side. As you can see the hurst shifter is a lot more sturdy and sexy. The bolts on the front and back of the Hurst are the bolts so that you don't over shift a gear. You just put it in second and screw the bolt in till it touches the shifter stick and then tighten it down and then do the same in third. Name:  S7300220a.jpg
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Size:  158.9 KB Below is the new shifter in place. It says in the instructions to take the stick off and just bolt down the base then put the stick back on i just did it all at once because i didnt feel like it and it was super hot and raining. There is a gasket you lay down and then just bolt it down with the bolts supplied. I then adjusted the shift stops and slid on the noise/dust/heat shield and bolted it back on. Name:  S7300221a.jpg
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Size:  112.7 KB And below is the finished product. I put the console back on bolted it up and put on the hurst ball and t-handle onto the t-case. Below this pic i'll describe my reaction and how i like it. Name:  S7300222a.jpg
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Size:  152.7 KB The Hurst shifter is so much nicer than stock. It didnt take me to long to figure out the new throw and shift points and overall I love it. It feels just so much more precise and solid and doesn't seem to clunk into gear. I am doing my tranny fluid soon and hope that gets rid of some of the clunking i still have. It is a little noisy and you can hear the gears due to the fact that its all metal compared to the stock one that just seemed weak. I highly recommend it too anyone who wants some more performance out of their truck or just for it to shift a lot smoother and more precise. I got it for $180 from because i got a get $30 dollars off a $100 dollar purchase and it was def worth the $180. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone with a 94-00 5 speed Dak. I believe i got everything i'll probably read over it and revise it a little but im pretty sure i hit the main points let me know if you have any other questions.


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