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What the HOAT is going on with coolants for your Van?


Old 10-12-2009, 10:24 AM
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Default What the HOAT is going on with coolants for your Van?

Since 2001, HOAT is the product to use for antifreeze in your Chrysler minivan. It's HOAT, the "Green Stuff" is out. Here's the vehicle use specs from a Valvoline ZEREX site:

HOAT: Chrysler MS 9769; MTU approved; Daimler Chrysler approved; Ford WSS-M97B51-A1; Federal Specification A-A-870A; John Deere approved; Case MS 1710; ASTM D3306; SAE J1034, J814; GM 1825M, 1899M

IAT (Original Green)*: GM 1825M, 1899M; Ford ESE-M97B44-A; Chrysler mS 7170; ASTM D3306, D4985; SAE J1034, J814C, J1941; TMC of ATA RP-302B; Federal Specification A-A-870A; ThermoKing; Clarke

*"Excellent freeze, boil & corrosion protection for all cooling system metals including aluminum

•*Low-silicate chemistry for heavy-duty applications with use of SCA.
•Excellent rust and corrosion protection
•Helps prevent boil-overs and freeze-ups
•Excellent aluminum protection"

The word on the street is that HOAT contains less silicates than the "Original Green" and also contains an additive package that keeps it active up to 5 years / 150,000 miles.

Funny thing though is that when one visits the Valvoline ZEREX web site at http://www.valvoline.com/products/co...ts/antifreeze/ their Technical Bulletins show that their present day, low silicate, long life (5 years / 100,000 miles) "Original Green" has 250 ppm max, Silicon as Si whereas the G-05 HOAT has 252 - 308 ppm Silicon as Si. All other properties seem to be the same. Now isn't that interesting, potentially more silicon in the Zerex G-05 than their present version of "Original Green". If it weren't for the distinctice colors under "Typicals", I would think they had the charts mixed up. The Original Green has more extensive testing than G-05 on water pumps as well per the charts, G-05 only showing 100 hours test period (versus 100, 300, 600, 1000 hours for Original Green).

What the HOAT does this mean? I have "Green" in my Van now. It's two years old and due for a change. I was going to flush this out and put HOAT back in. Maybe I will reconsider????

IAT - "Original Green" Technical Bulletin: http://www.valvoline.com/pdf/zerexoriginal.pdf

HOAT Techncal Bulletin: http://www.valvoline.com/pdf/zerexg05.pdf

Note the use of de-mineralized water (some naysayers say use nothing but distilled water):
"For convenience and protection try Zerex® Original Green Ready To Use. Zerex® Original Green Ready To Use combines the excellent temperature and corrosion protection of Zerex® Original Green with de-mineralized water to help reduce the risk of cooling system deposits. The 50/50 mixture provides protection down to -34°F." Wording is the same for their HOAT.

Bottom Line (as I see it):
- Zerex G-05 HOAT contains more silicates than the ZEREX IAT "Original Green".
- ZEREX G-05 HOAT is good for 5 yrs/150,000 miles versus ZEREX IAT being good for 5 yrs /100,000 miles.
- Don't sweat the use of de-mineralized water.
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