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Default Murdered out

I spent over two weeks doing the dents and a few rust spots, two behind the windshield seal, and sanding. It's been well over 20 years since I did auto body work for a living. The body shop which was going to paint it ( a customer of mine where I do PDR work) suggested I go with a flat black when I asked him to do the actual spray job. I checked out photos all over the internet, and the "Murdered out" websites. No shortage of wicked cool cars trucks and bikes. After looking at samples I decided to go with the satin. Now I need this truck to look good because if I drive up in a POS customers may have second thoughts of letting me take the dings out of their new cars. Yet after hail season, I spend a lot of time in the woods in Maine working on my property. From my own experience, I figured a gloss paint with clear coat would be easier to fix any scratches I get in the woods. sand and buff. Then I watched some speed show on tv, and the guy painting the project car pretty much confirmed my thoughts.

So... still on the fence, I emailed 2 photos out to a bunch of friends, and most ppl chose the glossy paint over the flat. Then, my brother, who works at a high end used car lot as a mechanic (he did body and paint for many years before it killed our other brother) called me. He said an almost new Suburban or Yukon came on the lot murdered out. He said it was really sweet. Looked like a teflon frying pan. so I asked if he would do his own ride like that, and he said "No." Then another friend in the auto industry replied to my email and said, the flat was cool, but it looked "Unfinished." I have to agree, UNLESS it's on a new or almost new vehicle. Especially a luxury/sport car. so, in the end I went with the gloss black, and plenty of clear coat. Just some food for thought for anyone considering a flat paint job. If this paint job gets done in at some point, I MIGHT consider a flat green. At least that won't look like primer, and by then, I'll be ready to hide out in the woods full time anyway.
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