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WARNING BROOKLYN Rami Transmission aka ebay seller Rami5566.718


Old 03-11-2012, 04:05 PM
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Default WARNING BROOKLYN Rami Transmission aka ebay seller Rami5566.718

If you are looking for a transmission and have seen this company on-line or in Brooklyn..............

Do not do it! I cannot express my feelings enough! Just do not allow Rami Transmissions, e-bay seller Rami5566.718, aka YS&D Engine to supply you with a remanufactured (suposedly) transmission. If you live within walking distance of the shop them perhaps you have a chance in hell of receiving satisfaction. Unfortunately If you are using them via the internet to provide you with a replacement transmission then prepare to be ripped off!

The deceit and dishonesty runs throughout this FAMILY operation. Do some research and you will find that there are a number of unsatisfied customers. The 5 star reviews are from the family members themselves! I only wish that I had done a bit more due dilegence when researching this sham of an operation. Look at Kudzu.com 5 star review from ykadoch ! this is the e-mail address for the company! HAHA Check out showmelocal all bad reviews. I just wish I had done more homework before purchasing from them 3000 miles away.

All family members are obviously trained in the ways that they operate. I have not found one honest person on the other end of the phone yet. Rami, Amir, the wife, etc. All well versed in the art of telling you exactly what you want to hear with out ever delivering.

They knew all the right things to say on the phone, and seemed very knowledgable on the transmission issues. Remanufactured transmission with 2 year warranty (HAHAHA) with free torque converter and in line filter available for reasonable price! I took the hook! Initial purchase and shipping happened very quickly, But the transmission they supplied had issues from the start! Troubleshooted the problems directly with Rami! Thought it may have been a selenoid or something on my end. Replaced selenoids. This was never the problem. Rami finally says..............I will send you a replacement! Dont believe him!

At this point I am thinking its just my luck, but I do not want to belive I am being scammed. 2 months later............... excuse after excuse, need to wait for a core to rebuild one (what about my core that I returned that you never credited my account the $450.00 for the core refund?) Oh we just rebuilt three, waiting for the dyno to check. OK all 3 are good sending today. Wait wait , call for tracking number. Given bogus number. Call shipping company..........NO we never had a pick up for you!. Oh now Dyno is broken waiting for Dyno repair to test. OK, wait wait wait. OK here is pick up number xxx using new shipper. I call shipper! Oh yeah we have pick up scheduled, But we do not even deliver to California! WTF! This is over a period of several weeks where they dodge your phone number. I am now only getting thru by using friends cell phones from out of state numbers!! OMG then the numerous hang ups on me and the promisses to call back. And all of this is using “God willing” and other just rediculous comments that try to allude to the fact that they are somehow honest! HAHAHA

So in short! Do some more research! These people are scam artists. Luckily my Credit Card company agrees and I did not wait to long to start the restitution process, but these people are crooks and should not be allowed to prey on people on the internet. I am actually happy at the outcome now, because even if they had come thru somehow in the end I would not ever trust the transmission that they would have shipped to me so good riddance RAMI TRANSMISSIONS!

PS Rami transmissions..............its been over a week and I havent received the return phone call you promised “on your word” to return that day!
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Old 03-24-2012, 12:04 AM
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Default Rami Transmission update

Update! Never heard word one from Rami! No attempt at making things correct for the customer. No refund to mycredit card from the transmission and torque convertor that was returned for a core charge of $450.00.

I had the transmission rebuilt locally and the vehicle is back in service! running nicely. Visited the rebuilder today to take pictures of the replaced parts. Removed parts were newly installed. Transmission from Rami had been rebuilt. Problem was the servo body was warped causing the shift valves to not function properly. This was an internal transmission issue that Rami should have warrantied immediately as they promised! instead of dodging my calls and all responsibility. That is inexcusable as a service / parts provider.

It is one thing to entice people to purchase based upon a longer warranty period. In this case two years as opposed to the one year I now have. But if you never intend on making good on the warranty its really just a sales ploy to hook people.

The biggest issue that is just unforgivable is to be an outright crook and not return your core charge. That is just plain thievery. And there is absolutely no defense for it! The shipping manifests have been published here for all to see. There is no question that they received my transmission and have not credited my account. So in my mind they can make every excuse in the book why they did not honor their warranty, but how do you explain plain and simple stealing $450.00 from a customer for a refundable core DEPOSIT?

It is really a shame that because they had a rebuild of theirs go wrong with a faulty servo body that they chose to blow me and my $1770.00 off and even in one post telling me to shove it! Is the reputation of their company really only worth a few thousand dollars?

I hope what they are starting to feel is the power of the internet and the sharing of information. One persons experience can make a difference. It will continue to be my goal to share my experience and spread the word that YS & D Engine and Transmission, doing business as Rami Transmission are without a doubt thieves. And I challenge them to disprove that fact.
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Old 03-25-2012, 12:13 AM
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Thanks for posting this and for the head up.
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Old 04-07-2014, 12:18 PM
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Default It happened to me too!

We waiting four weeks for our CD4E transmission to show up after we purchased it on ebay. IT DID NOT WORK. Not even for a millisecond. Rami incoherently blamed our certified ASE shop that installed the transmission for the preliminary failure. Next, he sent another transmission to our shop at no expense. (Three weeks later) This one worked. I asked him to pay for the install of the first malfunctioning transmission. He wouldn't. 90 days without a working vehicle and two installs at my expense... In hindsight, it was a terrible experience and would not recommend Rami Transmission to anyone EVER. There are other posts on the web that have had similar experiences as well. I never got to leave feedback on Ebay because it took longer than 90 days for this miss to come to a tragic end!
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