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Default 1998-2003 Dodge Durango

Done By:
Mean Green

Performed on:
2000 Durango 5.9L

What you will need:
-Crescent wrench or socket wrench (5/8)
-Oil Catch pan (I prefer the ones that are able to be sealed they also have a mesh the allows you to place the filter on top without dropping it into the oil)
-5 qts. of oil (10w30 for 0 degrees and above 5w30 for anything below 32 degrees)
-Gloves (don't want to burn yourself)
-Oil filter (Any auto store can tell you what type you need depending on filter preference, I like
Fram they have a textured grip which allows for easier removal and installation)
-Air Filter (Not necessary every 3000 miles but I do it anyway it's only a few $)

Warm the truck up to operating temp. Park on a level surface and open the hood. Remove the oil cap (It is on the drivers side of the engine) and place the cap in an area that it will not fall into the engine (I put mine on my radiator). Put an oil pan underneath of the truck then get under the truck as well. Take your wrench and locate the drain plug it will be at a 45 degree angle facing the rear of the vehicle. Loosen the plug by turning it counter clockwise and let the oil drain until it comes to a light trickle. Move the oil pan towards the passenger side of the truck next to the tire. The oil filter is located on the side of the engine near the top of the tire and may require the oil filter wrench to loosen turn the oil filter counter clockwise to remove it then lay the filter on the oil pan facing down and let the engine finish draining off. After it has drained visually inspect the oil filter position on the engine for any old filter gaskets that may have come off on previous oil changes and remove them if that is the case.

Dip your finger in the new oil and coat the threads and gasket of the new oil filter. Install the filter onto the engine by turning it clocwise. It needs to be hand tight do not attempt to tighten it with the oil filter wrench you will risk damaging the threads. Visually inspect the drain plug for wear in the threads and ensure the rubber seal is in good condition. If one or the other is starting to wear replace the drain plug with a new one. Reinstall the drain plug by turning it clockwise. I tighten it down so that there is a little more room to tighten it so I won't strip the threads or make it too hard to get off on the next oil change. Take the funnel and place it into the oil cap's hole and begin pouring the oil in. After you have poured the oil in turn the truck on and check for leaks and tighten if appropriate.

Air filter:
The filter box is on the passenger side of the engine. There are 4 clips that hold it in place. 3 on the left and 1 on the rear. Open these clips and lift up the left side and pull away towards the left. remove the air filter and hold it up to the light if you cannot see light through it then you must change it, if you can see light then a filter change is not necessary. Replace the filter with the wire facing up and put the box back together in reverse order. Don't forget to locks the clips.

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