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------> Selling or Buying an item on DF? You Must Read These Rules <------

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Old 03-22-2010, 03:10 PM
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Exclamation ------> Selling or Buying an item on DF? You Must Read These Rules <------

Rules for Buying/Selling:
  1. Please, no registering just for the sake of trying to unload something. Members NEED a MINIMUM of 25 posts in order to sell AND a VALID post count thereafter must be maintained to continue to keep selling. 25 posts doesn't allow you to sell multiple items, but merely starts you off selling your used stuff. If you'd like to sell multiple items, you must keep contributing to this forum. Moderator(s) have sole discretion to remove any Ad at any time without notice.
  2. Sellers MUST have a Price, Actual Pictures and Location of item being offered for sale. Pics, Pics, Pics.(use a pic hosting site and copy URL that EVERYONE can see not just members...this means NO Facebook/Myspace/Craigslist LINKS or other Links that require an account to view pics...no excuses!) HERE is how to Post a Pic
  3. No Feeler ads. If you want to sell something, then sell it, otherwise it will be removed
  4. Absolutely no comments about an item for sale saying that it is junk or is being sold at too high a price. No generalized Tech talk either. Use PM services.
  5. Please don't post your email/phone numbers and run. This Classifieds section is for active/established members. Please use PM services to exchange all personal information.
  6. If you are not willing to ship, then don't post. That is what local sites are for.
  7. Please do not link to outside sites such as Craigslist or Ebay. If you want to sell your item on Ebay as well as this site..fine, just do not link the items.
  8. Selling illegal material is strictly prohibited. Violating these rules can result in immediate suspension/ban. If your not sure what you can list contact a site Admin or a Mod.
  9. NO COMMERCIAL posting allowed. You must contact a site Admin to sell multiple items from a store front.
  10. If you Sell your item or it becomes no longer for sale, update the thread letting everyone know. Preferably in your initial starting thread so it's upfront and visible rather than on the 3rd page where it may not be seen.
  11. Buying/Selling on this forums is at your own risk and DodgeForum.com shall not be liable for any fraudulent activity with either parties. If you are unsure about a member, ask around or don't buy. It's that simple. DF will not be a mediator for your buying/selling issue's and will not provide any personal information about either party. DO NOT GIFT PAY THROUGH PAYPAL. You will have no recourse!
  12. If you Place a Classified ad and decide to not be an active member within the past 30days, your FS ads will be locked. If you would like it unlocked, you must PM me the link to unlock it. This is in place to prevent potential buyers from being ignored for an extended period of time. If you plan to sell an item, please check in regularly to answer any questions that may be asked and to update your listing.
  13. If you are selling a tuner such as Superchips or Diablo you MUST provide a picture showing it is unlocked WITH a paper in the picture with your screen name and date. Failure to do this will result with the thread locked or deleted at our choosing depending on your status and reputation on the board.
  14. DodgeForum and anyone else affiliated with us are not responsible for any botched deals. Take payment before you ship an item. Payment services/sites like PayPal have services in place to protect you if the guy you sent money to doesn't ship an item. However, if you ship something before payment is sent, nothing can be done if the payment never arrives. There is a reason sites like eBay require payment before an item is shipped.
  15. IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ITEMS FOR SALE, CREATE ONLY ONE THREAD and list them within a single thread so you can update sold items as needed. Multiple creations of selling thread will be merged or deleted at Moderator discretion!
If you are found in violation of any of these rules, a moderator will post in your thread that you are in violation and give you 48 hours to correct said violation(s). Failure to do so in those 48 hours will result in your thread being deleted, and a PM sent to the moderator who deleted it will be required to undelete it.

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Posting in Classifieds:
Users are required to select a prefix for their thread based on what they are selling, examples include FS[Exterior]: Want to Buy: FS[Vehicle]:

To sort the User Classifieds section to a specific category go to the bottom left of the forum and select a specific prefix:
Click the image to open in full size.

When your product is Sold, go into the thread and click the "Mark as SOLD" option in the top left to close the thread and let other users know it is no longer available:

Click the image to open in full size.


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