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    On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal published a piece stating that
    the well-known Hemi is being demoted, in favor of “greener” engines.
    This seemed odd to me, considering how fuel efficient the MDS-equipped
    Hemi has proven itself to be in the Dodge Charger, Challenger and Ram
    trucks and as other media sources picked up the story, the rumors got
    deep. This is made that much more unlikely to me by the fact that many
    engine rumors for upcoming Chrysler vehicles center around new (often
    bigger) Hemi engines.

    Some sources state that the Hemi will be dropped from the Chrysler
    and Jeep lineup and that the Hemi would only remain in the Dodge and Ram
    brand vehicles but rather than make assumptions, I contacted Chrysler
    for more information on the future of the Hemi. Earlier today, I spoke
    with Nick Cappa, a representative for Chrysler’s Brand Newsroom, who had
    this to say about the Hemi:

    The HEMI V8 is still
    very much part of our future powertrain strategy and we’re continually
    improving its fuel economy. Badging is something that changes over time
    and has little or nothing to do with powertrain system or its use in
    future products. The HEMI name will remain with any vehicle the engine
    is associated with. The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a HEMI 5.7-liter V8
    available but no badge on the exterior. HEMI is still on the engine
    cover, in the press kit, in the owner’s manual and in the hearts of
    anyone who can appreciate the power and torque it delivers

    I thought that was a great reply…especially that last part. Based
    on this bit of information it sounds like Chrysler isn’t going away from
    USING the Hemi in some of their premium vehicles but they are just
    going away from the exterior badging on some of those vehicles. It seems
    that the vehicles that are currently Hemi-powered will continue to
    offer the well known V8 powerplant but the vehicles that are less
    “performance minded” than say, the Dodge Charger or Ram 2500 Power
    Wagon, will not boast of the Hemi on the outside.

    Click here for the full original article from the Detroit Autos Examiner, including images of a unique 1969 Roadrunner powered by a 5.7L Hemi.