1991 Viper Concept.JPGWhile the February 2012 sales report from Chrysler reported
    a whopping 40% improvement over the same month last year, there was some sad
    news on the company report – there was not a single Dodge Viper sold in the
    month of February.

    I did some digging through company records and I was unable
    to find a month since the Viper was introduced in 1992 where the company failed
    to sell a single Viper. Even though the production of the Dodge Viper ended at
    the Detroit Connor Avenue plant in July 2010, dealerships around the country
    have been selling 2010 model year Vipers over the past 20 months.

    During the years where the Dodge Viper was selling at its
    best rate, the company was moving hundreds of Vipers each month but as
    production ended in July 2010, the sales rate dropped significant – down into
    the single digits during some months. 
    Post production was highest immediately after production ended in the
    late summer of 2010 but sales hit a record low of just 5 units sold in November
    2011 before spring back up to 19 and December 2011 and 20 in January 2012.

    While the 2013 SRT Viper debut is right around the corner,
    the fact that zero Dodge Vipers were sold last month brings about the end of an
    era.  In honor of the last 20 years of consistent
    Viper sales, enjoy the video below of Dodge Vipers doing some big, smokey