Soccer-Mom-Special Turbo Caravan Runs 11s At The Strip: Video Inside

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Punch it mom, we’re late for soccer practice! Hold onto your shorts because this boosted box can smoke some pretty stout sports cars thanks to a best pass of 11.7 @ 115 mph. Although this pass was “only” 12.2 @ 112, the owner later found some ET and mph. There aren’t a lot of details on the wonder van, but it’s said to have a 2.4L mill under the hood with substantial boost.
I might be alone on this one, but I’ve always wanted a turbocharged Caravan, they were awesome back in the day and something I’d truly get a kick out of, especially if it ran 11s.
Turn up the volume and recall how much cooler those soccer trips from your youth would’ve been if your mom’s van was this fast!

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