2013 Dodge Dart, Chrysler 300 Make Ward’s 10 Best Interiors of 2012

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DG013_035DT.jpgThe Chrysler group has been making serious improvements to their interiors, as the Viper has shown us quite convincingly. It seems that Wards Auto agrees. Both the Dart and the Chysler 300 Luxury Series have made it onto their list of 10 best interiors for 2012.

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that the Chrysler 300 Luxury Series made Ward’s 10 best interiors for 2012. Chrysler’s engineers intended for the new 300 to offer amenities rivaling those from the best luxury cars in the world. The Luxury Series takes that a step further – entering as one of the most luxurious vehicles the Chrysler Group has ever offered.

More surprisingly, the wallet-friendly 2013 Dodge Dart made the list of
best interiors for 2012 and while the compact sedan market was once
known for having cheap, bare bones interiors – the new Dart is a fine
illustration of how much the affordable car market has changed over the
past few years.  The 2013 Dart will include a variety of goodies never
before seen in the C Segment sedan market including a massive 8.4″ touch
screen that controls the infotainment system, plush leather seating and
a unique 7″ screen that serves as the gauge cluster and customizable
driver information center.

Last year, only the Dodge Charger Rallye Plus made the list from the
Chrysler Group.  The inclusion of the Chrysler 300 Luxury Series may not
do much to contribute to the sales of the full sized luxury sedan but
in the tightly contested C Segment sedan market – the high quality
interior and low price of the new Dart could give the Chrysler Group the
heavy hitter they have been searching for over the past few years.

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