2013 Mopar Nationals: the Coronets and the World’s Coolest Golf Cart

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While it has been over three decades since Dodge has sold a Coronet in a dealership, the Coronet name rests as one of the longest running nameplates in the Dodge brand history.  Introduced in 1949 and running through 1976, the Coronet was available for 27 years but the most well known Coronet models in today’s collector’s market come from the mid 1960s to the early 1970s.  Sharing a great many mechanical features with the Dodge Charger,  the Coronets sold in the 1960s were among the highest performance muscle cars available in the US with packages like the Super Bee.

Before the Charger arrived in 1966, the Dodge Coronet was the go-to car for Mopar lovers looking to go fast and the early to mid 1960s era Coronets have become major players in the collector’s market.  In fact, the 1965 Coronet has become so popular that someone went to the trouble to create a 1965 Coronet golf cart complete with the front end, the rear end, the side lines and even the proper dash board layout.  Following in the style of many drag cars from that era, the ’65 Coronet golf cart has wide rear tires, skinny front tires, a straight front axle and a Hurst shifter poking through the floor.

Enjoy the gallery below of some of the Dodge Coronet models from the 2013 Mopar Nationals including the awesome ’65 Coronet golf cart.

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