Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Dodge Spirit Does a Crazy Wooden Burnout

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spirit burnout 600

The Dodge Spirit in the video below does a crazy wooden burnout and if you are asking “what is a crazy wooden burnout,” it is a very simple way to get your not-so-powerful car to do a massive smokey burnout.  All you need is a car that would otherwise struggle to spin the tires – like a Dodge Spirit with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine – and some sturdy, wet wood.  It appears as though the owner of this Spirit has pulled his car onto a pair of wet 6×2 boards while someone sprays water at the wheels from off camera.

While this is technically cheating, there is no denying that this 1993 Dodge Spirit does one monster burnout.  I am honestly kind of surprised that the Dodge sedan stays so straight on the planks of wood during the 40 second burnout but the fact that the wood is chocked against the rear wheels as the burnout starts allows this innovative system to work.

I should point out that doing a burnout like this can be dangerous so kids at home with a car that struggles to do a big smokey burnout should probably avoid this method but for those of us watching at home – this video is economy car burnout gold.  Enjoy!

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