Photo of the Week terencejiminy’s A100 Big Block

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jiminy engine 600

If you are not familiar with the Dodge A100 pickup truck, you are missing out.  Offered as both trucks and vans from 1964 through 1970, the A100 featured a funky cab over engine design that made it the favorite choice for classic wheelstanders like Bill Maverick Golden’s Lil Red Wagon.  Over the past few years, more and more of these unique Dodge pickups have shown up at the big Mopar events to both race and show and honestly – I love them.

Based on my romance for the Dodge A100, I was elated to see a new member here on DodgeForum who has had several gorgeous A100 trucks.  Terencejiminy has three examples of awesome A100 pickups that he has owned, including one that was done up in race trim – and the engine shown in this week’s Photo of the Week is the engine from that race ready A100.

While this image really doesn’t show much of terencejiminy’s Dodge A100 pickup, he has pictures of several other old school pickups that he has owned, as well as a shot of the A100 race truck which carries the dual four barrel equipped big block Mopar shown above.  Click here to check out the whole album.

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