Black Friday: 3rd Gen Cummins Ram Makes a Full Pull Look Easy

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jason burton ram pulling 600

This week’s Black Friday video was submitted by DodgeForum member chromed95, who sent me the link to a nasty 3rd gen Dodge Ram powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel hitched to the pulling sled. This truck in the video is running a twin turbo setup with what I would imagine is a lengthy mod list that is capped off by a massive set of stacks in the bed. This Ram launches amidst a cloud of thick, black smoke and while the soot thins a bit as the pull gets underway – this 3g Dodge never waivers. He reaches the full pull line and really makes it look easy.

More impressively, chromed95 explained that the owner and driver of the truck, Jason Burton, lives in his area and this Ram serves as his daily driver. A Cummins Ram that makes a full pull look this easy is cool, but the fact that this beast is also driven regularly takes it to the next level. This might not be as black as some of the Black Friday features, but this truck is definitely deserving of some attention for its capabilities.

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