Black Friday: Cummins Megacab Ram Soots Up the Sky, Destroys Tires

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megacab diesel burnout 600

This week’s Black Friday segment takes a look at a 3rd gen Dodge Ram Megacab pickup powered by a twin turbocharged 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine as it competes in the Gaylord County Fair burnout competition.  Little is known about this bright yellow 3rd gen Megacab Dodge Ram shy of the fact that is owned by a guy named Frank Stuckman but based on the amount of diesel smoke and how easily it destroys the huge 37 inch mud tires – I would guess that Frank has more than a couple mods under the hood.

Our Black Friday features usually show a little more black soot from the Cummins powered Ram trucks but with the black smoke billowing from the dual smoke stacks at the beginning of the video and the nasty, nasty burnout that lasts almost a full minute – this Ram seemed like a worthy vehicle to be included in the Black Friday festivities.  Around the 38 second mark, the video pans to the rear of the Ram and you can see little bits of rubber flying out of the fray, leaving little trails of smoke behind as they head back to earth.  Also, when the burnout ends and the flagman walks away from the tire shredding Ram heavy duty – the smoke pouring off of his body is priceless.


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