Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Change Your Ram Truck’s Differential Fluid

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exploded rear diff 600

In a hard working vehicle like a Ram truck, keeping the rear differential fluid nice and clean is an important factor in keeping the trucking running great and working hard for years on end.  Changing your rear differential fluid can be expensive so many people ignore the need to do so but in the likes of the Ram Heavy Duty lineup – that fluid can be changed very easily in your driveway or garage.  All you need is some time, a torque wrench, a drain pan and a few simple supplies to do the job on your own and save some money while still protecting the internal workings of your Ram rear diff.

If you are wondering if you have enough mechanical know-how to attempt to change the rear differential fluid in your Ram, it is roughly the same level of difficulty as changing your own oil.  The job is really nothing more than draining the fluid, cleaning out the case with the cover off, putting the cover back on and adding new fluid but the DIY linked below walks you through each step of the process so if you want a new project for your Ram before winter hits – a diff fluid change could be a good choice.

Click here to check out the Ram differential fluid change thread

(Note: the differential shown above is not from a Ram – it is just a cool exploded differential image I found on my computer)

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