Black Friday: Cummins Turbo Diesel Ram on a Dyno – Wait for It

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dodge ram ctd dyno blast 600

As our Black Friday features go, this most recent clip featuring a 2nd gen Dodge Ram 2500 on a dyno doesn’t start off seeming like a very good fit.  In fact, 9 seconds into the 21 second video there isnt even a hint of soot coming from this Dodge Ram but this is one of those coal rollin’ Cummins Rams that you have to wait for but when it starts – its impossible to miss.  I guess that technically, is it possible to miss much of what is going on as the soot literally explodes from the exhaust of this Ram but unlike the vast majority of the Cummins Rams that we feature on Black Friday, this truck is set up to make big power without the constant smoke screen.

While the video quality of this Dodge Ram 2500 on a dyno isnt very good, we do get a chance to hear the Cummins roar as the drivers cranks it up in 3rd gear for the big dyno pull.  We don’t get to see any power figures but I have to wonder if the guy or girl filming this Ram’s dyno run didn’t end up with a generous amount of soot all over them.  It isnt as smoky as other Black Friday Ram trucks but Im sure that with a little work – this truck could spit soot all day.  As for right now though, its all about the big blast.  Enjoy.

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