Black Fridays: 01 CTD Ram doesn’t need a driver to blacken the sky

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bf ctd ram no driver 600

The guys in this week’s Black Friday feature might be accused of participating in redneck shenanigans but that doesn’t make this clip of a modded up 2001 Ram 2500 blowing smoke any less entertaining. I am a fan of reaching under the hood of my car or truck to rev the engine while the car is parked so I can appreciate the enjoyment of the guy sitting on the brush guard who is revving the engine and sending thick black diesel smoke into the sky.

One of the most interesting aspects of this video is the later portion where the cameraman walks around to the passenger’s side of the Cummins powered Ram where he shows us the massive amounts of soot “fallout” that is produced as a result of the steady revving of this souped up while sitting stationary.  We see plenty of smokey diesel videos but rarely do we get to see the mess created by the billowing smoke.  This video also shows the under hood area…or the area that would be under the hood if this truck had one…where we can see a monster Industrial Injection Phat Shaft helping this Cummins Ram 2500 make big power – and plenty of smoke.

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