Mopar Muscle Thursday: 2008 Dodge Challenger V10 Concept in action

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challenger v10 concept burnout 600

What do you get when you combine a modern Dodge Challenger with the 8.4L V10 from the Dodge Viper SRT10? Pure freakin’ awesomeness – that’s what. You also get a modern Mopar muscle car that will tear up a set of tires just as well as it will tear up just about any type of race track that you put in front of it and that’s exactly what the Challenger V10 Concept from the 2008 SEMA show is doing in the video below.

The Viper powered Dodge Challenger V10 Concept from SEMA 2008 was more than just a front lip kit, a shaker hood and a 600 horsepower 8.4L V10 as the SRT engineers added a full Bilstein suspension system and a massive brake kit to help this brawny Mopar muscle car handle even the tightest corners with the help of some sticky rubber wrapped around SRT rims. This Challenger can do it all and this video shows the V10 Concept doing some nasty, smoky burnouts before hammering some corners and blasting down the straightaway of a Chrysler test tracks. The video ends very appropriately just as it started – with this one-off Challenger doing a smoky burnout.

Best of all, in addition to some serious hoonage action from this unmistakable Challenger Concept car, the video is packed full of high quality sound clips of the Viper V10 hard at work under the hood of the Dodge Challenger. Even though the hopes created by this SEMA Show car of a production Challenger with the Viper drivetrain never came to volition – that doesn’t make this video any less impressive or enjoyable.

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