Black Fridays: 1000hp 2nd Gen Ram Dually Rolls Coal, Slays Tires

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1000hp 2g ctd ram 600

This week’s Black Friday feature brings you a 2nd generation Dodge Ram Dually utilizing a 1000 horsepower Cummins Turbo Diesel engine to do an incredible rolling burnout – all while a fair amount of diesel soot pours from the twin stacks.  This 1998 Cummins Ram obviously has an extensive mod list that allows it to pretty effortlessly destroy all four rear tires.

When the video begins, this heavily worked 1998 Dodge Ram Dually is already spinning the tires hard with soot pouring from the dual stacks but throughout the course of this short burnout – this beastly Ram just keeps making more and more smoke pour from the 4 rear tires and the 2 bed-mounted stacks.  Although many of our Black Friday clips feature trucks that are producing a great deal more exhaust smoke, the gnarly burnout coupled with a solid amount of diesel soot makes this video a willing candidate for our weekly Friday diesel feature.

Crank up your speakers as this 98 Ram Dually sounds incredible as it uses over a thousand horsepower and what is probably an astronomical torque figure to slay the rear tires.  Im sure that Ken Block would be proud.

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