Photo of the Week: 90dakotaconvertible’s 1990 Dodge Dakota Sport Convertible

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1990 dakota vert 600

It seems that far too often, Dodge fans forget that the company made a Dakota Convertible in the late 1980s and early 1990s so this week’s featured photo is the 1990 Dodge Dakota Sport Convertible owned by DodgeForum member 90dakotaconvertible.  A great many truck owners have turned to skilled body shops to create drop top pickup trucks but Dodge fans who can appreciate the styling of the first generation Dakota can experience the open air freedom of a convertible with the usefulness of a pickup truck.

Dodge sold several thousand Dakota Sport Convertibles and Shelby Dakota Convertibles were sold from 1989-1991 but only 909 were made and sold in 1990 – making this cool midsized truck quite the collector’s piece.  We know from the member’s post that this particular Dakota Convertible is powered by a 3.9L V6 and not the optional 318ci V8 but that doesn’t cut down on the cool factor of this rare Dodge pickup at all.

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